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Bread Stencils - Set/6
£4.25 £3.40

A diverse selection of Kitchen Paraphernalia for period & modern homes, currently featuring:

  • Cotton/linen Roller Towels and Oak Roller Towel Holders holders (these are so hard to find but really handy!)
  • A lovely range of Brushes; washing-up brushes, scrubbing brushes, nail brushes, bottle brushes etc
  • Useful Kitchen Utensils; Colanders, measuring spoons, Beech Lemon Reamers & Cookie Cutters
  • Linens - Tea Towels & Aprons
  • Traditional Blackbird Pie Funnel & Jam Thermometer
  • Carbolic Soap
  • Beautiful Trays  - Arytrays for both inside & outside living, choice of seven gorgeous designs & colourways to suit the period and modern home.

The Period Features selection of Kitchen Products is some of the best you will find on the internet or anywhere else and are only made from high quality materials to exacting standards.