Period Door Knobs

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Period Door Knobs -  Mortice & Rim

What's the difference, I hear you ask? There's no need to panic - it's really very simple...

  • Rim Door Knobs have detachable roses (backplates) and are used with Rim Locks and Rim Laches but they can be used with Mortice Locks as well.
  • Mortice Door Knobs have fixed roses (backplates) and are ONLY used with Mortice Locks. Mortice locks (a more recent development than rim locks) are fitted within the door.
  • A large selection of Traditional Door Knobs;  Brass Door Knobs, Nickel Door Knobs, Ebonised Wooden Door knobs, Glass & Crystal Door Knobs, Hand Forged Iron Door Knobs, Fair Trade Door Knobs & Ceramic Door Knobs.
  • Our Traditional Ironmongery is a perfect choice for restoration or new build projects

We guarantee that the Period Features selection of Period Door Knobs is the best you will find on the internet or anywhere else and are only made from high quality materials to exacting standards.