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Indian Soapnuts - Eco Washing Detergent Alternative
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Indian Soapnuts - Eco Washing Detergent Alternative
Brand: Redecker
Product Code: PF5138
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Indian Soapnuts - Eco-Friendly Washing Detergent Alternative

The Soapnut tree grows mainly in India and Nepal, the fruit is simply called “soapnut”. Saponin, the natural agent contained in the shells, has excellent cleaning power and has an antibacterial effect. In contact with warm water, it creates mild and powerful suds. Soap nuts are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin, as the shells are free of additives. The herbal active ingredient saponin is very kind to the skin.

How to Use
Place 5-7 half shells approx. 10g (maybe a bit shredded) in the cotton bag provided. Place in the drum of your machine with your washing and run your chosen washing cycle as normal. For freshly scented laundry, simply put 5-6 drops of eco-friendly laundry scent into the softening compartment or directly onto the fabric bag.
The same soapnuts can be used 2-3 times. Simply dispose of soapnuts after use over organic waste or in the composter - they are 100% biodegradable.

100% Vegetable Detergent - 250g Box with Cotton Wash Bag - Up to 50 washes for all textiles from 30-95°C including silk & wool.


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